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After a year and a half, BoTu Bazar closes its doors

What's BoTu Bazar?

Working together to create a safe and friendly meeting place in the middle of your neighbourhood!

How do we make the Bospolder and Tussendijken (BoTu) districts become safer, friendlier, and more fun? By bringing vitality to Visserijplein, the new heart of the district. We want to work with you to exchange ideas for a new square.

A fun place to meet each other. Where you can shop or enjoy a good meal. With space to work and learn, to exercise and to relax. A place where you can live in comfort. 

Do you have any ideas about what Visserijplein might look like? Or what you think needs to be done to make this a lively, friendly square? We will be happy to talk to you in our own 'living room' on Schiedamseweg 127B (corner of Van Duylstraat).


The municipality is providing residents and businesses with the scope to develop plans for BoTu, working together to create a pleasant, safe and clean neighbourhood.

This venture is in response to the invitation sent out by the municipality. We are a project developer, architect, investor and construction company and together with you, we want the best design possible for Visserijplein, with spaces for people to meet each other, eat and drink, go shopping, learn and work, play sports and live.

What do you think belongs in the Visserijplein? You know what's going on in the neighbourhood and what you need. We know how to build something. Together we can come up with wonderful, workable plans. To make everyone feel at home in BoTu.

Why are

we here?

To promote a pleasant, clean, safe neighbourhood, where all residents of BoTu will feel they belong.
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Together with you, more than 250 residents and entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood, we worked from this location on plans for a new heart of the neighbourhood on the Visserijplein.


Last September, the municipality took over the direction and organized a number of workshops to design the plans for the Visserijplein. We were also present and we have forwarded all your input to the municipality. The municipality will further elaborate the plans for the new Visserijplein in the upcoming months, together with residents and parties involved.


Are you interested in participating? Send an email to and we will come back to you within a few days.


After the summer, the municipality will put out a tender for the realization of the plans for the Visserijplein. We are also invited to participate in this tender. Until then the BoTu Bazar will be closed, but soon after that we would like to pick up where we left off together.


For now we wish you a lot of health and we thank you for all the nice gatherings, beautiful stories and your openness with us.


This is not a goodbye, but a see-you-soon.


Ideas box

What do you think?

Do you have an idea for the Visserijplein or are you already working on a plan to improve the quality of life in BoTu? Then fill in the form. We'll get back to you soon to talk about it.

Thank you!


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